Voting 2014… Why it still sucks

It’s 2014, and we still have two idiotic parties to choose from, with the same, tired nonsense coming from both camps. The Republicans and Democrats are two sides of the same coin. Ever wonder why the “policy fights” in political ads and debates are never about substantive things? It’s because the divisive, “scary” issues like abortion, racism and things that politicians have no business talking about are what the parties use to put you in the “us-vs-them” camps.

The Democrats are steeped in creating a permanent underclass that will vote for them until the end of time (or America, whichever comes first), and the Republicans are interested in creating a moral paradise where they get to choose what you can and can’t do. They’re both anti-Constitution. And they’re both rich lawyers who want to lord over your lives like dictators from a balcony.

If the Democrats were so interested in Individual Liberty, why do they cling to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that mandates forced association and preferential treatment of citizens? If they were so “Constitutionally grounded”, why did they expand the GWB surveillance and expand the powers of the President without Constitutional amendment? The fundamental problem is the Democrats crave power and money, but the other fundamental problem is the Republicans do too.  If either party were worth their salt, they’d have passed the bill defunding the NSA until it got its act together. The NSA should be curtailed and BARRED from doing any surveillance on American soil, JUST LIKE THEIR CHARTER SAYS. There should NEVER be “secret” warrants that the person being searched cannot know about or know why. It violates SO many rights, you’d have to be born yesterday not to see it. They are blotting the Constitution, yet the Constitution grants NO rights. It merely spells them out for the government. And it also says, just because it’s not written down doesn’t mean the government has that right. ALL rights are reserved to the People. The SPECIFIC enumerated powers point to what the government is able to do.

And no, the State or local government does not get to usurp liberty because of the 10th Amendment. The rights we enjoy as HUMANS are ours when we are born. They do not stop until we die. We cannot give them up, nor can we subject others to do so. Rights are inalienable. The government (of both parties) is trying to make us slaves.

And if you vote Democrat or Republican tomorrow, you’re part of the problem.