Pygame update and other things…

Well, I had intended on fiddling with pygame and make a simple translation of one of the Microhistory board games, but I got distracted. First, I had a few issues with my computers (they are old, and as such they don’t like to be “workable” all the time.) And I toyed with my $9 Athlon PC for longer than I should have. It’s now got 4.5GB of RAM and a whopping 80GB hard drive. It’s running Debian 8…. and I love the little spunky $9 PC. 🙂

I finally (well a couple of weeks ago) decided to update my main PC, the Dell refurb that I have had for close to 6 years almost. It was a dual-core Athlon (not unlike my $9 PC, only clocked higher), with 6GB of RAM and a 500GB/1TB drive pair. I had recently upped the PSU to 500W and the optical drive to Blu Ray (a rather cheap LG OEM job that is really killer.)  It has served me well for a long time, having gone through an onboard AMD 2400 GPU to a GeForce GT 610 and finally a GT 730.

The machine began acting funny on bootup with some odd beeps (one high and one low beep… never bothered to look it up) and finally a “keyboard not found” error that took it long after the desktop booted before it “found” it again. Granted, I thought that might be my KVM, but this was the only PC doing this. Suffice to say, I didn’t need another excuse to buy a new rig, since it had been a while since I got something with more than a couple of cores, so I went to eBay because I saw a store front in the dim past that had some good deals on barebones systems. So I hit up a few and found a good deal on a quad-core Athlon with 16GB and a 480W PSU (with a godawful blue case that I just loved… because it was so hideous!) So when it got here, I cannibalized my old PC and satisfied the new PC’s extra space. 🙂 So after a few missteps (I put the boot drive on the 2nd channel, and the old boot drive on the 1st channel… and I didn’t have enough power spacers to get the dual optical thing working), but after all that… it works fine.

I tried Ubuntu, and it kept locking up. So I switched to Mint (which is what my old dual machine was running) XFCE and it worked like a charm. Mint rules!

So will I get back to the pygame thing in the future… sooner rather than later, because I’m STILL tweaking my wonderful new PC.



The world according to SJWs

I’m sure everyone’s heard about the Sarah Sharp nonsense from the Linux Kernel.  She’s “stepping down” because the environment’s too toxic….

Here’s a thread from 2013. She misinterprets banter as threats, because well, she’s a whiny SJW, intent on shitting all over the kernel because _she_ thinks its a bad environment for precious snowflakes to be involved…

It’s from this post on Slashdot:

What it seems to me isn’t that she’s leaving because of the unprofessional behavior, but that she didn’t get her way. Typical SJW. She can go work on Apple’s Mach kernel if she wants to feel inclusive.

Stupid is as stupid does.

The Inevitability of Decline

It’s bound to happen. Someone is “offended” by what you think or say, and the only thing to do is destroy your voice. This is happening all over the Internet, television, books, newspapers, radio and government. The idea that people have a right to go through life without hearing something they don’t like is becoming a monumental problem.

Do I personally think things are offensive? Sure I do. I’m human. But I don’t get the idea that because I’m offended I can silence the other person. Only the government can censor, but there is a huge difference between censorship and chilled speech. Using the courts (or the U.N. over the ludicrously laughable “cyber-violence”) to stifle what is freedom of speech over “Feelings” is about as useful as a poop-flavored lollipop. The difference between being a me and an authoritarian is I don’t believe in other people’s power to silence (or the government’s either). Zoe Quinn and her ilk do. She doesn’t feel the need to have to prove her accusations. She believes in “guilty until proven innocent” for things as innocuous as disagreement.  Her and Anita Sarkeesian are textbook examples of authoritarians.  May they never gain another inch of ground against freedom and free-expression.

I for one don’t want to live in a world that punishes speech. There is no such thing as “hate speech”.  Words have no actions. They don’t offend unless YOU let them.  Stop letting them and grow up.  It’s not that hard to do. We all have to at some point, so stop clinging to your infantile past and join the real adults at the big table.  We even let you fart at meal time.