Climate Science isn’t cultish but its followers are

I can assume that some (at least) climate scientists are actually scientists who are looking into an absurdly complex ecosystem (the Earth’s climate) and checking on what makes it tick, and what, if anything, we can do to keep it from becoming like it was during the last Ice Age (or while it was cooling).

The problem isn’t science here. The problem is the radical belief system that turns progress, individualism, free markets, and freedom into causes for the “Death of Gaia”.  Why is that a great idea? I know that socialism and totalitarianism is always looking for a way to crap on the free market, but using climate change? That seems pretty low even for them.

So, stop it. Stop trying to ruin progress because you’re a failed (insert job here). Life’s good when you’re free. Learn to love it and stop trying to kill it for the rest of us. Freedom and Liberty was a long, hard, and costly fight to achieve. Don’t you know we’ll fight even harder to keep it? The climate is changing. The climate has changed. It has been hotter on Earth. It has been colder on Earth. What’s pure speculation is what role Man has played in it. Judging from what we know about the origins of Earth and its long history, Man pretty much is a blip in the cosmic ecosystem. The fact that we can kill a planet simply because we had an Industrial Revolution is absurd.

Life’s short. Enjoy it.