When did becoming offended be a valid response to an argument?

I don’t get it. “I’m offended” or “shaming” in general has become the go-to response to diverse opinions. You can’t have an opinion in 2016 that is contrary to the status-quo (that being the Social Justice position.)  You can’t insult “marginalized” groups. You can’t make jokes about things other people find offensive. You can’t disagree without being called a harasser, a fascist, or a misogynist. Things have gotten very socialistic in the land of the Free. And I frankly don’t like it one bit.

People need to grow up. People need to follow thousands (THOUSANDS, folks) of years of civilization that treated words as words… not daggers that “wound” precious snowflakes. In all of recorded history, this generation we currently are suffering with is the most wimpy, whiny, indecisive, Puritanical and downright fascist we’ve ever seen (and that includes the damn Nazis!) I give up. I don’t get the point of all this baloney about “intersectional” and nonsense like “Gender Studies.”  Gender studies are simply degrees that guarantee a cushy job washing lettuce at McDowell’s. STEM is being marginalized by thought police. George Orwell was eerily prophetic, and I can’t help but laugh that the previous generation (mine) that fought the PMRC and video game “violence” crusades is now stuck with a bunch of people who make Jack Thompson and the PMRC look positively calm and normal. Where did we go wrong?

We stopped requiring success. We hand out success like we hand out candy during Halloween. No one earns anything anymore. My degree (CompSci) was hard and not for the faint of heart, but I didn’t expect to be called a “EE” because I knew C and HTML. Nowadays, kids get rewarded for doing what is required, not for being exceptional. This has to stop. The people perpetuating this bullshit need to be stopped. The future of the Constitution and our Republic demands it.

So if you’re reading this and seething with anger about my flippant portrayal of “snowflakes”, you are part of the problem.

As an aside, Anvil wrote a song about of gun control… they’re really pissing me off…. damn Canadians.


RPGs on the decline again

After the early 90’s, RPGs were hitting the back burner and generally were niche products that weren’t part of the mainstream. Perhaps it was because the genre was saturated in the 80’s, or perhaps complex interfaces that required a mouse/keyboard were not attractive to the console generations. As a long-time computer game player, I do say that some of the interfaces devised for RPGs (Oblivion, and so forth) are very good on consoles as well as PCs. I played all the Mass Effect games (which only one was really an RPG) on consoles and didn’t regret not buying the PC versions. After Microsoft became pedantic about their “phone home” and “you don’t own that” mentality regarding their OS, I didn’t have much in the way of RPGs to play because my computers were never state of the art. But the rise of the First-Person Shooter really put a damper on RPG game production.

Maybe I’m getting old, but I like my combat to be intricate (hopefully turn-based or timer-based) and I enjoy having the freedom to make myself a good or bad guy based on my actions and interactions. It’s not so much to ask, considering Fable 2 got that way without much of the “RP” in “RPG.” (I was able to make myself a huge fat devil with horns and a generally rotten appearance.) The problem with Fable 2 was the fact that the only thing that mattered very much was weaponry. Armor was for show, and if you got some good stuff it was decoration. At least that’s how I found the game to be. I might’ve been missing the subtleties, though.

I’ll write more on this later…


I decided early on not to get involved in categories on this blog. I ramble, and I often ramble from one subject to the next. So if I were to categorize, my train of thought would go south on me faster than greased monkey crap. Like for instance, I’m done talking about categories and am going to be moving on to Raspberry Pi stuff.

So I was reading that the Raspberry Pi would be a good platform to host files on your LAN.  I have quite a few Raspberry Pis floating around the computer desk. I think I’ve got 3 or 4 total. One original and 2 or 3 B+’s. I don’t have a Zero or a 2, but I do have a BananaPi, a Beaglebone Black, a CHiP and a Creator C2 (it’s MIPS).  So I think I’ll toss off the end of the Raspberry Pi (when I get the right hub) a couple of USB drives so I can share files easily without opening up my desktops to sharing anything other than printers. 😉 In the meantime, I’ve got books about ARM assembly and I think I’m going to go through them. I have an x86-64 assembly book that I’ll save until I’ve gotten my feet wet again with ARM. It’s a hobby idea of mine to fiddle at the chip level. It’s not that I’m going to run some amazing low-level awesome apps that scream along the bare metal. I still love Python. I also have a RiscOS programming book, so one of my Pis will have to have RiscOS installed on it at some point. 🙂

The best laid plans… Still, I think since I’m done with social media (sticking to watching Youtube videos and IRC) I will have more time to fiddle with all my side projects. Life’s too short not to be programming. I do it all day and I’m still not burned out by it in the evening. I think I’m hooked. 😉

David Gilmour

I admit it, as much as I love heavy metal (all sorts of sub-genres) I am still in awe of David Gilmour.  Mainly because of this:

I love Richard Wright’s vocals on this one. It really captures the sense of desperation contrasting off of Gilmour’s bloody amazing guitar work. Did I say amazing? I means REALLY REALLY REALLY amazing. I realize that Roger Waters sang the original on The Wall, but this version is as good, if not better than the album version. There have been tons of variations on the song from Gilmour and Waters (and others) but Gilmour’s arrangements make me all tingly. 🙂

He’s a genius on the guitar. I don’t know much about him (and that’s fine, considering most musicians are idiots), but as a player, he is my Jimi Hendrix… my Eddie Van Halen…

I wasn’t old enough to be a fan during the height of Pink Floyd, but I have been a fan since 1992’s “The Division Bell”. It changed my musical tastes forever. The melancholy and massiveness of the sound is something you don’t hear today, mainly because most players aren’t trained properly in the fundamentals. Anyhow, David Gilmour is awesome.


Final Fantasy

I played the handheld translations of the old NES/SNES versions of the games (I think I skipped 2 and 4), and I tried my hand at the Playstation versions (7 and 9), but for the life of me, I don’t get the appeal. I played the first Final Fantasy on the PSOne from the “Origins” collection. It had better graphics (such that it could be) and a more balanced game (from the reviews I read on it.) It reminded me quite a bit of the old CRPGs I loved on the C64/Atari. Ultima, Pool of Radiance, etc. were some phenomenal RPGs for their time, and they were some of the few games I felt the need to finish the quest. For my money, nothing beats Ultima III:Exodus. It was the pinnacle of 8-bit CRPG perfection.


The problem arises when Final Fantasy went 3-D. Maybe I’m old fashioned, and maybe I’m not quite in touch with JRPG mechanics, but I never found the 3-D Final Fantasies to be very fun. To be sure, I’ve not played FF8, and I really should play FF7 longer, but I tried FF9 and got lost trying to figure out what to do. Some people reading this will no doubt quip I must be mentally challenged for missing the plot points of FF9, but all I can say is, I must be, because I sure missed them.


I do have one pet peeve with JRPGs that I need to get off my chest. I am TIRED OF BEING A TEENAGER or a KID. I despise the adult/child interaction conversations in the games. After you get past the exposition and into the story, it doesn’t come up much, but dang if every Japanese gamer wants to be 12 perpetually. I don’t see the appeal and don’t care for it at all. Call me an old fart, but I like playing the game through the eyes of the protagonist (Fallout 4 gave me a voice that I did NOT like).  I guess that’s why I’m going back to my Baldur’s Gate and Planescape games. I figure I need to finish all of those before attempting another JRPG.


And incidentally, turn-based combat is supposed to be TURN-BASED.  Just a nitpick, JRPG makers.