Miscellaneous Stuff

It’s April 20th and I don’t smoke pot. So, in lieu of laser-sharp focused insight and a craving for Cheetos, I will talk about something else. Keyboards? Nah, I have some more planned for that later. Let’s see…. the perfect office chair.


I have yet to find the perfect office chair. I know it’s a tall order, but I’m still looking. I have tried cheap ones, flat ones, tall ones, and ones that are supposed to be made by the Tempurpedic people. None of them have been all that great, but not many of them have been as terrible as you might think. I like a few of them, if only their cushions didn’t wimp out after only a couple of years of use. Supposedly, anyone over 180lbs is not going to like most (all?) office chairs. That’s the limit most of the Staples/Office Depot/etc. chairs put on their tags. It’s funny, because I see people well in excess of 300lbs buying those chairs. I guess my 237lb frame is just in the sweet spot for blowing out foam cushions over time. They don’t literally explode like an airbag, no. They simply flatten and I have to buy a cushion from Wal Mart or Khols. I like high-backed chairs so I can sit like Tony Montana reading my computer screen (usually playing a game.) I like to sit up when typing or working on code (like writing a blog entry.) It helps keep my shoulders from hurting and after all the literature and pamphlets from school about good posture, I think they may be onto something. So what’s a computer nerd to do when the perfect chair is elusive? Keep trying I guess. I’ll get another one when Staples sells off their mid-range junk for “Back to School” or something like that.


Another issue that’s been bugging me is computer prices. They’re coming down, don’t get me wrong, but they are not like they used to be when eBay had lots of off-lease machines from Dell for $50 or so. I got lots of good PCs that way. In fact (as I’ve said in other blog posts) a $35 computer is indeed capable of running a Gnome 3 desktop distro like Debian 8. I turned off some of the eye candy (I do that no matter what PC I have. It’s a gimmick.) I use it daily and I’m totally impressed. But the problem is, those $5 computers (with $30 shipping) are getting harder to find. People are obviously getting older PCs for things, and the market’s getting scarce. I have to keep my eyes peeled. It was ridiculously easy before, but not now. It’s a new fad. 🙂 I wonder if hipsters are buying up older desktop PCs to be ironic? Bleh.


I suspect one day, I’ll get a nice Xeon quad core because some company auctions off their old lease stock. I don’t really feel like building another one. I found out that I’m out of practice and things are way different today than they were when I put together my 286-12 PC on the kitchen floor when I was 16. 🙂