Clementine vs. Amarok

I’m still giving KDE the due diligence and not rage-quitting too soon. I know this is a desktop that has lots of customization. The one thing I decided early on was that my music library was too big for Amarok though. I’m sure if I gave it enough time, it’d fill in and scan all my music (all 840GB of it.) But I rather like Clementine’s quick study of my library. It was hilariously quick. I enjoy the interface (I am not always on board with the “KDE apps only” or “Gnome apps only” ideal.) I do like how they all interact with each other (the WM’s apps) but they inter-operate much more smoothly now.

After working with the two players, I have to say that if you have a large library like I do (decades upon decades of CDs ripped and mp3’s bought from places like Amazon, etc.) the best tool is Clementine. Nothing against the very capable Amarok, but it doesn’t like large (huge?) music libraries.

I’ve toyed with the idea of splitting up my library, but I never find the time to do it.  Heavy Metal is the best genre of music. I have 840GB to prove it. (99% of it is, of course metal.) 🙂



Treblinka’s Last Witness

This is a powerful documentary. It’s a very sad documentary. It’s a sobering documentary. If you’re not changed after viewing it, you’ve no heart or soul. One thing that has haunted me (besides the archival footage and horrible recollections) was Samuel Willenberg’s angry diatribe against God. I can’t say I wouldn’t have lost my faith either, after what he went through, but it was so sad to hear, because he died this February. I think he died blaming God for the Nazis. We are to blame. All non-Jews are to blame. And we’ll never ever repay that debt. For that I’m sorry. I am at a loss for words.

I won’t censor assholes who are malevolent to Jews. I just will make sure they get perspective on what race they’re disparaging. I will do that until I die.

One other thing I got from this documentary was that the Russians tried to cover up Treblinka. I no longer admire the Russian people defending their homeland. I almost wished the Nazis screwed them harder. Soviets are the 2nd worst people on the planet.


May Adolf Hitler burn forever in a hell of his own creation. Seeing the Jews he killed every minute until the end of the Universe. And may all his Nazi collaborators rot in that same hell. Fuck Nazis.

My Quad Core PC is here.

I am now using my Quad Core Core 2 Processor (from 2009) with my “new” HP PC from eBay. I like it so far. It’s been quite good, except for the BIOS confusing the Linux kernel w/r/t ACPI (meaning I have to shut off the PC with the power switch, but that’s just a minor thing.) I still have my dual core athlon working hard, but it’s no longer my primary machine. I thought a bit about what version of Linux to put in my Quad, but I settled on the old standby “Mint 17.3”.  The funny bit is, I went for the KDE version. I don’t know why (well, I do, considering I was out of DVDs and I had a 17.3 KDE install sitting around from when I fiddled with another laptop problem someone was having). It’s been a slight learning curve, just not as much as I thought it’d be. Surprisingly, KDE still uses the standard paradigms, much more so than Gnome 3. I like them both now. No offense to Fluxbox and XFCE, but I’m doing the KDE/Gnome3 thing now. I love all of them, even Awesome, which I could barely use without multiple tutorials and the odd “aha!” moment.

KDE has some quirks, particularly with respect to the desktops and views.  I’ll get the hang of it eventually. And Amarok isn’t really quick with large (800GB) MP3 folders. But I figure the first time it gets through them, it’ll be okay. I really shouldn’t have so much music, but I guess I’ve got a short attention span. 🙂

I tried to share my music over the LAN with my dual core, but I couldn’t quite muster it. I have the HP plugged into the Lepai amp and speakers, with the subwoofer still on the Athlon. I don’t think I’ll ever swap them, and I have had better luck using my Windows machine with headphones. 🙂 I only play games on it anyway.

I will never return to Windows, and when this one goes the way of the dodo, I won’t even put it on the lan, preferring to play the games “offline” (which is why I spend money on Gog and not steam….) I know that in the future, the games will become dependent upon my internet connection, but microsoft will kill of Windows 8 quicker than later, so like my XP machine, it’ll be off the lan (and in the case of my XP machine, off for good.)

So far, it’s a good fit. It’s fast enough and it’s not bogged down with copying and disk usage like the old dual core was. I enjoy it… and just remembered: I’m not 100% AMD anymore. Man, I feel like a traitor. 🙂